The perfect introductory book on Youth Basketball

If you’re a parent who is considering basketball as a sport for your child, then this book is for you! It discusses the journey that a youth will take from the early introduction, through recreation, to AAU, to high school basketball, to college recruitment and beyond.

Basketball can change your child’s life! It’s a great tool in that it teaches so many valuable lessons on and off the court. For example, basketball helps teach teamwork and helps bring out the competitive drive. It can be an escape, or a way for your child to express their emotions. Basketball can also aid upward mobility and provide career opportunities for the future.

As the author, my goal is to help you, by guiding you through the youth basketball experience from my perspective, by sharing parts of my own youth basketball journey, and what I have learned throughout my playing and coaching career. In this book I have also provided interviews of two separate youth and high school basketball coaches, as well as the CEO of a college basketball recruiting organization.

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Will Benner
High School, AAU, and TNBA Coach